Welcome to the forum of www.branduardi.org!


Here you will meet persons who, like you, appreciate the music of Angelo Branduardi; and with whom you may exchange opinions, share emotions and experiences, and quite possibly make new friendships...In order to participate in the forum you must register, and agree to accept a few simple rules, dictated mainly by good sense and good manners, so that the forum may remain a place of pleasant conversation and meetings among friends, in respect of all who come here and of the name of the artist to which it is dedicated.


Forum rules


1.This forum is dedicated to Angelo Branduardi and his musical and artistic world in its many forms. Your messages will be published after being approved by the moderator; this is not intended as a form of censorship, only a means of avoiding the transformation of the forum into a private battleground, or into a chat-forum where the "off topic" is the norm. Therefore, by indisputable judgement of the moderator, messages will not be published which contain:


-gratuitous vulgarity, swearwords, or insults towards the moderator or any of the members


-continuing arguments or discussions with obvious intent to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere and to create a climate of hostility instead of one which favors an exchange of opinions which may be, in any case, often very different


-promotion or advertising of sites, mailing lists, forums, or similar (for example, politics, sports, other musicians), dealing with subjects other that that for which this forum is intended


-persistent referral to the abovementioned subjects (this forum may not become an arena for political or sports discussion, and if you appreciate other musicians you may certainly mention them; but if you are gung-ho fans of theirs, you will surely find many opportunities to declare your admiration elsewhere on the Web


-facts regarding the private life of Branduardi or his family


-reference to the private lives of the members, unless initiated by the member him/herself


2.The participants in this forum are free to express themselves in their own language. However, as Branduardi is an internationally famous musician, a brief summation in English, if possible, at the end of your message would be appreciated. If you have found a message that particularly interests you but that you are unable to understand fully owing to a language difficulty, you may request a translation from us. We will do our best!


3.The personal information you furnish for registration will remain secret, in accordance with Privacy Laws; on the forum you will be identified only by a nickname. You will be asked if you wish to publish your e-mail address in order to correspond privately with other members.


4.Members who persist in disobeying the abovementioned forum rules or who register under false identity, may be expelled from the forum, at the discretion of the moderator, who will inform the other members. The following actions as well will be cause for expulsion:


-the insulting, even privately, of the moderator (it will be well to remember the legislative equivalency between e-mail, and ordinary, post)


-the accumulation on the part of a member, of an eccessive number of moderated posts, being incompatible with the spirit of dialogue and peaceful exchange of the forum


5.It will be possible at any time, if circumstances require, to modify or integarte the forum rules; if this is the case, the members will be duly informed.